Friday, October 16, 2015

Go-to Weekend Outfit

I have never known anyone to actually wear coveralls by choice, besides my Grandpa Ed. Growing up in a farming family, he wore them for utility (or maybe style, I don't know). But now it's 2015 and we're all doin' it!

My go to weekend (typically Saturday) outfit is my overalls. You already know, I love my Gap Bowery (I think they rightfully renamed it 'favorite') shirts. So, depending on the weather I wear either the tee or long-sleeve version. Shoes can be tricky since my overalls are bootcut. In the summer I wear sandals, the fall/spring - casual flats or tennies, and during winter - tucked into Uggs. I also think delicate jewelry helps balance the bulk of all that denim.

Overalls: No longer available. Scroll down for some suggestions! | Long sleeve: Favorite Long-Sleeve Crew Tee |
Bar necklace: Stella & Dot Signature Engravable | Beaded necklace: LOFT Rondelle | Bag: MK Large Riley Satchel |
Shoes: Mossimo Luna Oxford

Below I linked some versions I would actually wear. I would call mine a full-coverage overall. Some are made sort of skimpy and skinny throughout the upper bodice and I don't need to look any bigger. In my opinion, the 'more expensive' (it's all relative) tend to be constructed better.

Overalls can be an intimidating to wear so, I have some suggestions when choosing a pair:
  • No intentional distress
  • Pockets in front and back of pants, like any typical jean (something to do with your hands)
  • Solid, well made buckles
  • Equal-ish ratio of width from hip to chest (skinnier up top accentuates torso [#2], the wider is more farm-like [#3])
  • Optional but simply the best: a kangaroo pouch
Right to left: ASOS Dr. Denim ($126), ASOS Brand Skinny ($81), Target Mossimo ($34.99), ASOS Brand 90s Style ($81), Nordstrom Madewell Skinny ($148)

Proof that some of us are using overalls for utility. I do love carrying my phone in the kangaroo pouch when running errands!
I totally encourage you to pick up a pair. It will automatically make you cool, quirky, and edgy. That was a joke. But really, try 'em! Ok, this post just made me fall in love with overalls even more than before. A dark pair would really suit me, yeah? Perhaps we can all sign a petition and send it to Mr. Tidy? LMK. (Amy, this means let me know).



  1. Cute, cute, cute. I remember having a pair I loved back in the day. Would never try to pull it off now, but so happy to see how cute you make them. Hugs!

    1. Don't you want to carry your phone around in a pouch, Kat? As always, thanks for reading AND commenting!

    2. I would love a pouch! Lol. You're too fun. Miss you on YouTube. Hope you're well!