Monday, October 12, 2015

Twiggy Turns One

Alternative Title: How to Execute a Successful Dog Birthday

On October 2, 2015 my baby girl turned one. Well, that's what we assume since she was adopted. So, to celebrate, this dog mom threw a dog birthday party.

Chocolate lab party

Pay close attention to my grip on the balloon.

I had also been meaning to try and round up Twiggy's umpteen siblings and mother since I knew most of their furever homes surrounded our town. It's just so cool to see the resemblances!

Tip #1: Disguise dog birthday party as family reunion.

Since dogs don't know it's their birthday by just telling them, it's important to spend an entire Saturday catering to their wants and needs. The night prior to the party, Nate and I followed this recipe to make peanut butter cups. Don't worry - it's carob, not chocolate. Yeah, I didn't know what carob was either but it's 'chocolate' dogs can eat. Google it.

Tip #2: Don't be upset if your cups don't look Pinterest perfect because your dog only cares about the way they taste. True story.

Anyway, they were a hit! With the dogs, not so much the humans. I will have you know your dog's stool may be darker than usual after inhaling these treats - #pharmacyhumor. So, we let the Twigmeister try one prior to bed and hit the hay so we would have enough energy for the big day.

Tarah, my best friend, and her dog Keeya helped us set up for the party at our favorite dog park. It was a particularly windy day but, I paid $30 for balloons (in the shape of a 1 and a dog) so everyone was going to look at them, doggone it. No. No one got to look at them because before you knew it, not five minutes into the set up, the wind picked up and plucked the dog balloon from the string and sent it to space.

After mourning the loss of the balloon in vain, I quickly grabbed the #1 and my dog to pose (see first photo). I guess it was a bit funny to see the geese sent into hysterics over a flying dog.

Tip #3: Do not spend $30 on balloons for a dog birthday. And if you must have a balloon, you may purchase one. And only one.

Twiggy's friends showed up - Keeya, Oakley, Wally, Trigger as well as her mom, Maggie and sister, Cuda. Of course, other dogs came and left so we made new friends too. They played for TWO hours. A mix of frisbee, chuck-it fetch, wrestling, and then came the Kong.

Top left: Twiggy acting like her cooler, older friend, Oakley. Top right: Twiggy with Keeya. Bottom left: Maggie (her mother) & Twig. Bottom right: Twiggy & her closest littermate, Cuda.

Twiggy has Kong toys at home and does well with them (the only material she cannot - or maybe will not - chew through). But, a playmate, Zoe brought the ultimate Kong bone that also squeaked. Game over. After the park, I took Twig to Pet Smart to get her very own Kong bone.

Then, we went home and she spent the rest of the day like this:

Tip #4: Throw the party! Even if people think you're crazy. Because, your fur-child deserves it given all the joy they bring to you consistently on a daily basis.

So maybe I lied. I didn't use a whole Saturday but when you're a fourth-year pharmacy student Saturday mornings are precious ($$$). It was so worth it. And now, a progress picture.

If you're wondering why she looks sad, it's because she IS. She is probably sad she is not eating a shoe, or frolfing, or repeatedly picking up and dropping a ball in front of a human.

Can you believe I just wrote this much about a DOG party? Whatever. Adopt don't shop!



  1. Omigosh, the photo of the dog balloon in the sky... Bahahah!

    I'm so excited for the start of your blog, Tori! I love your writing style and humor; I really think you'll be great at this!

    1. Hi Anna!!!

      Yeah, I think capturing that moment may have been the only upside to that situation. Thank you SO very much for reading.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Twiggy's gotten so big!!!!! And the cupcakes are adorable. Great job mom, can't wait to see what comes next!

    1. I know!! My baby is all grown up. Thanks for reading, Kat!