Monday, November 30, 2015

Week In Review (WIR) 47 & 48 (2015)

Hi everyone! I had the idea to do a 'Week In Review' (WIR) post in order to keep current on the blog each week and to track my progress in all things Tidy Tor. Week 1 (11/16-11/22) came and went and I just couldn't get myself to write something for week 2 (11/23-11/29) while home for Thanksgiving (see vlog here). So, now I am backlogging (backblogging?) in order to make this week's post current. I plan to post WIR on Sunday nights which I'm not sure is the best idea since assignment procrastination usually sets in Sunday as well. Any who, let's give it a shot!


I started carrying meditation stones with me in October. I had heard about ‘programming’ stones through guests on Jess Lively and the idea intrigued me. This week I bought four new stones: Unakite, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Jade to ramp up my collection. I'm new to crystals and stones myself but am working on posting a 101 guide soon(ish)! Other than that, I am still picking up and putting down Eat, Pray, Love when I am able which gives me some ideas about meditation and knowing myself.


Not to much has changed in the Tidy world. I have been neglecting my planner, since my schedule doesn’t vary much on rotation. I’ll call it the ‘minimalist theme’. As you can see, I sometimes utilize my bullet journal key but most times I just make a real bulleted list. I would like to get back to more of a ‘documenting’ mentality by utilizing my planner and Evernote. I think if I am more conscious about putting ideas down I will feel less scattered.


I haven’t been posting much on style but the one item I have been wearing every day is my Twiggy necklace. When I wear it to work, I typically wear it backwards so there is just a plain bar showing. Otherwise, people get confused and think my name is Twiggy and it's awkward. If I wasn’t a poor pharmacy student I would be participating in Stella & Dot’s Cyber Monday Sale (up to 50% off, WHAT?) – but you totally can by clicking here*.

APPE 5/8 | Week 1 & 2 of 5 | Ambulatory Care
Assignments completed:

  • Case presentation on a patient with resistant hypertension during reflective practice
  • Fifth day project on asthma/COPD
  • Topic review of tobacco cessation
  • Fifth day project on motivational interviewing

The rotation I am completing is a ‘double’ rotation. So, instead of a 5-week duration, it lasts 10 weeks. It has pros and cons but one pro about reaching the second half is I know what I’m doing (sort of)! I mean, as a student you never feel like you know what’s going on but I have been trained on the logistic piece of the rotation so I can now focus on improving my clinical skills. Weeee! During rotations, you have work assigned by your site, as well as your university. What is listed above were assignments given by the site.

This & That

This is Blake, FYI
I don’t have much time for extracurriculars (apparently this isn’t a word according to Word), or at least I feel that way, but I was able to see my friend Blake for a brunch date at French Meadow Bakery. It was posh-soccer-mom heaven. Blake is home from teaching English in Korea for a year so we had a lot, a lot to catch up on and may make coffee date’s a Friday habit. Other than that - life was recorded in my vlog and I was so happy to spend (more than) a weekend home!

What’s up on your end? How was your Thanksgiving? I feel nervous about this post and like it's not good enough, which it's not really because it could have been on time and had better photos but I guess that's life and I think these WIR can only get better… Open to suggestions! 

See you next week!



  1. Hey Tori! I watched your youtube video the other day. Are you going to vlog again someday? I want to get into vlogging but don't know what I would do for the videos. I have an Unakite too! Love my crystal friends.

    1. I will be doing vlogging here and there depending on my rotation schedule. Vlogging/YT comes a lot more natural to me than writing - it's the editing that gets me. Give it a go, it's fun! I actually lost my Unakite a week ago :( I hope it comes back to me.