Friday, November 20, 2015

When Two Became One

Nate and I were married September 5, 2015. We recently got our photos back so I thought I would take this chance to share the day.

As some of you know, we had originally planned to be wed September 10, 2016 at an beautiful, expensive lake resort. I had wanted to get married sooner, really, I was chomping at the bit to be engaged so it wasn't all that crazy of an idea.

In March, I realized I valued the marriage more than the wedding and also did not know where we were going to find the money for this big production In my usual fashion, I took a poll from all the ladies at work asking what they would do for a wedding if they could do it again. I decided from their responses and what my intuition was telling me, a smaller, less expensive, intimate wedding was more 'us'. Now, I say I decided because that's how things usually go for me and Nate. My thought process an be up and down and all around while Nate's laid back and supportive so, he did, of course, agree that this was a good idea.

Cutting to the chase, we had a small (~70 guests), outdoor wedding in a gazebo in a park followed by a reception at a gourmet-pizza place. If I had it my way, guests would have been seated outdoors and the reception would have been on the rooftop. Instead, God sent rain and humidity. He knows I have some control issues to work on. I was not ready to give up on an 'outdoor' wedding so we still had the ceremony outdoors but rather than have the guests seated in the chairs surrounding the gazebo, our guests huddled inside the gazebo around us. It was actually a blessing as it felt more intimate and special to have our loved ones near. By having the reception indoors I didn't have to worry about the rain and we saved $800, so there. After the reception, we ditched the oldies and went downtown to dance the night away, as 23-year-olds should.

Two months later, I sometimes can't believe Nate chose me as his wife. He's just so cool and we're so young! I'm still a little bitter about the weather we were dealt but I secured a patient, kind-hearted, methodical, and supportive partner out of the deal. Nothing has really changed in our relationship since we got married but knowing I will be able to rely on him, make decisions with him, grow with him, and raise a family with him makes me real giddy and appreciative. Anyway, here are some pictures! [Emmari Photography]

Bride to be
This robe is a wonderful bridal shower gift - loved it - thanks Chels!

I think this is the only photo I got with my personal attendant, Kayla, who was very busy being a wonderful personal attendant

I bought the Chiara braceletfor my wedding party and myself - love it and still wear it on a weekly basis!

If you didn't know, my MOH Tarah, and I had our weddings 2 weeks apart!

I'm normally a stud girl but I went formal with these Jocelyn Drop Earrings* from S&D

This one's for you, Blake

My ladies, who were and are a blessing

Tarah's mom made our bouquets! Also, I hope no one thinks I'm pregnant, I just have a tummy.
YouTubing how to tie a tie

Nate & his groomsmen

Classic mama's boy

Classic remix

Young Couple

Nate got his guys some sunnies, which he also loved but there were only four pair in stock!
How the set-up was supposed to go

A little decor I hand crafted

That feeling you get when you see your wife-to-be headed your way...

Grandpa lookin' out on the left

Young love

Young love

My wonderful in-laws
My mama - special thanks to her!
Dad, step-mother & sis

My sister is quite the li'l miss

We were pizza-place famous!
Our homies giving their shoutouts

I swore I'd never do this...
But I did
Young newlyweds
And they lived happily ever after!

We also had a traditional Nigerian wedding a few weeks after but I think I need to save that for a separate post. If you have questions on specifics, check out the videos I have uploaded surrounding being engaged and wedding planning or leave a comment below!

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  1. Beautiful. You guys just made me smile. Hugs!!!

  2. Hi Kat! Glad we could do that :) Hope you have a great week ahead.