Saturday, December 12, 2015

Last Minute Gifts (Our Favorite Things)

Here's my last minute post for last minute gifts! Instead of choosing the trendiest items, I thought long and hard about what I use on a daily/weekly basis that I love! Then, I made Nate & Twig do the same. So, here are some of our most favorite things and maybe someone you know would like them too!


  • ($) Pretty notebooks: I have a stationary problem. I hoard notebooks from primary-colored, college ruled leftovers to the cutesiest tablets. I have been better about the Target vortex lately but would secretly love for someone to gift me a fresh notebook. I usually have 2 or 3 themed notebooks being scribbled in at once. I just can't help myself. Some that caught my eye this year are: 
    • Moleskine: I love these 3 packs! I can gift two and keep one for myself.
      • Blue Sky & Cambridge are also carried at Target but I can't find the exact styles I like online!
    • Productive Luddite: I'm waiting to order a 'Freestyle Really Big Notebook' for something very important - 800 pages in 9 different colors!!!
    • Miquelrius: This brand has the signature colored edges which makes it easy to designate sections for school subjects. 
  • ($) Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens - Staying with the nerd theme, this would not be my post without mentioning Staedtler pens. I pitch these to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. It's a little ridiculous. People at work say I need to work for the Staedtler company (LOL). To test the waters I usually recommend you try the 10-pack. From there go wild with the 20-ct. If you still can't get enough, there's a 30-ct too!
  • ($$) My Engraved Stella & Dot Bar Necklace: I've talked about this a million times. I used to have a hard time spending money on jewelry (it's such a small item) so spending $60 on a necklace was like... mmm ok. But I wear this necklace almost everyday! And now, there's a rose gold version (WUUUUUT)! This can be a little tricky to gift because you will likely personalize it but all the more thoughtful! There are other shapes and lockets to engrave if the bar isn't your style. P.S. If you order by Thursday, December 17th you will get the item in time for Christmas!
  • ($$) Gel polish - I've tried home kits and special formulations. Prior to getting hooked on gels I had ~60 bottles of polish. But there's just nothing like a salon gel manicure. I have determined this is my non-negotiable treat in life. Maybe I can't fill my tank but my nails are going to look good. Kidding! But really... My recommendation here would be a salon gift card! I pay $25/35 a visit depending on the tip situation.
  • ($$$) Clarisonic Mia  - This is an underdog for me. Nate gifted this to me three years ago and I was spoiled and excited! I would use it here and there (once every 2 weeks) and thought it was OK because I had pretty decent skin. But, since going off of birth control earlier in the fall, I realize I do not have flawless skin (it was the hormones talkin') and I need to wash my face a minimum of once daily. One of the reasons I hate(d) washing my face is splashing the water out of the sink and it gets all over the counter and rolls down my arms, and UGH. So, now, I LOVE my Clarisonic and use it everyday!!! It times the zones of your face for 2 minutes and I use it in the shower to avoid the mess I described above. P.S. I have the Mia 2 and use the sensitive brush!

  • ($) Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax: Nate's doing the whole short on the sides long on the top thing, so he needs to style his hair daily or it looks like a lifeless mop (love ya, boo). This product doesn't make the hair hard and shiny but rather fluffed yet structured. "Smells good, does a good job," says Nate.
  • ($) Streamlight Stylus Pro: Nate's a mechanic and can go on and on about tools. He especially likes seeing clearly so he enjoys this handy little light. He uses it at work and home!
  • ($$) Sharp Analog Alarm Clock: I hear Nate's alarm 10-20 times a morning and I am also usually the one silencing it. But, the alarm clock usually does the trick since it takes more than an under the pillow swipe to deactivate. 
  • ($$-$$$) Jennifer Lopez 600-Thread Ct Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Nate loves few things more than sleep, as you can tell by the struggle to wake up. We both value an excessively comfortable bed and these sheets are COZY! But, I will admit they did shred after 2 years. We wash them every 1-3 weeks (it was worse when Twig was a puppy...). We loved them while they lasted and got a new set for our wedding! Now that they're on sale, I think we'll pick up another set for back-up.
  • ($$$) Auto Sound System: Nate couldn't choose between his sub and his amp so we combined the whole lot. He likes his music and he wants it loud. He recently upgraded to this JL Audio Subwoofer and he wants me to mention this Alpine amp because it is the first out of three he's tried that doesn't overheat (scorching vs. lukewarm) during use. 
*** UGH! I just thought of a few more things but this post is already enormous. Also consider: socks, underwear, and Oakley Sunglasses!



  • ($) TOYS!!! Duh. But, this lab mix has some specific parameters when it comes to toys because she has tried and destroyed them all. Well, almost all. 
    • KONG: Congratulations to KONG for making some of the most durable and functional items. We fill our Classic with peanut butter when we leave the house and can be assured the toy will not be in pieces on the carpet when we come home. We also have some of the squeeze toys which she loves too!
    • ChuckIt!: We go to the dog park daily. I personally love the Chuckit! launcher for fetch because I hold the world record for weakest arms. Sometimes we have to mix things up with the football
    • Frisbees are another mainstay since Nate takes Twig frolfing as long as the weather is good. Twig uses a putter specifically. She's pretty good about only picking up her own, which is important when there are dozens flying around the course.
  • ($) Boots and Barkley Accessories: Boots & Barkley is a brand carried at Target and their items are so cute that this mama can't resist! Love the collars, coats, collar accessories, and the toys - you name it! But remember what I said about toys? The ones with fluff factor usually last a day or two...
  • ($$) NexGard chewables: We recently switched to oral flea & tick treatments. The topical solutions we were previously using posed a lot of cons for us. They aren't regulated by the FDA, we got creeped out by the cautionary statement to not let it touch human skin, and Twiggy absolutely hated it - sulking and acting different during the 48 hours after administration. We chose NexGard which is more expensive ($25/month) but we feel is safer and the better option for our family. Now, we don't have to worry about her rolling on our bed and bathing her after the treatment. We do need to get this medication through our vet which is a slight inconvenience but worth it. The only caution we found was to not use it in dogs with a history of seizures.
  • ($-$$) High bowls: Twig is on the smaller end for labs but as she grew bigger it was still important to upgrade to taller bowls to create the proper ergonomics (there's that word) while she eats. Here's a basic article giving some details on which height to consider and why.
  • ($$) Oyster Professional Nail Grinder Kit: Instead of taking her to the groomer, we cut Twiggy's nails ourselves. We do have the typical clipper for when her nails get really long but if we keep up on it the grinder is wonderful for maintenance. I usually have the job of holding Twig while Nate grooms and he thinks this is one of our better investments. He likes it because it changes speeds and he can work through the layers to the perfect stopping point before reaching the quick.
And that's a wrap! Get it? Happy shopping!

The Rericks

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