Friday, December 4, 2015

What's In My White Coat | Pharmacy Student

Hi everyone! For all rotations, it has been a requirement to wear my white coat while seeing patients. I don't mind this because I am usually cold. I'm nearing the end of my second ambulatory care rotation and am sharing the items I stuff my white coat pockets with to give you an idea of what could be helpful for your rotations. What you choose to carry will be different depending on your site but here are the items that have been useful to have at my fingertips!

Pharmacy School

White coat & accessories: coat and name tag provided by our university, company specific name badge for identification.

Upper left pocket: ponytail, meditation stone, Blistex.

Left pocket: 2013 ACC/AHA lipid guideline cheatsheet, anti-diabetic medication table (MOA, dosing, S/E), diagram of how diabetic drugs work for patient education, stethoscope (not pictured).

Right pocket: black ball point pen(s), pencil, highlighters, cell phone.

There are many other cheatsheets, guidelines and resources I utilize but are typically not needed on the fly. I planned to update you on the white coat details of my completed rotations (anticoagulation, acute care) as well as upcoming internships (community, institutional, rural) but so far the set up has been similar. For acute care, I carried the specific hospital's antibiogram and for anticoagulation I carried a journal article on warfarin interactions. When making a cheatsheet, I screenshot a table and shrink it down or print an article by fitting two pages on one sheet (because miniatures are cute - and convenient).

Pharmacy School

Cell phone use can vary - some sites encourage the resource while others are more restrictive. The main applications I use for pharmacy are: Lexicomp, Pharmacist's Letter, and my calculator (insulin adjustments).

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!



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