Saturday, January 2, 2016

3 Projects to Jumpstart an Organized 2016

Hi everyone! To kick off the new year, I am suggesting 3 projects to tackle in order to begin an organized 2016. The three projects were strategically chosen to offer the most satisfaction and improvement in daily living after completion. Hope you find some helpful hints within the post and happy organizing!

Junk Drawer: If you've been fighting to open/close your junk drawer, this is a good place to start. It may seem like a small task but it really is important. Although the name leads you to believe the drawer should be junky by nature, your life will feel much more streamlined and less hectic if you manage to simplify the contents of this drawer. For example, I relocated large rolls of packing and duct tape to a craft drawer and removed random electronic cords and charging bases. When organizing your junk drawer, group like items together and eliminate the non-essentials. Apparently that little stuffed herpes microbe is an essential :P

file folder organization
Recently organized in 2014
January 2016
File Drawers: I have made videos on this process in the past (here and here) but am sharing again. Having a clearly-labeled, color-coded filing system for our documents makes sorting mail and storage of papers a cinch for not only me but husband as well! I followed A Bowl Full of Lemon's footsteps and ditched the file folders and chose to only use hanging folders. To make transportation of documents easier (since I do not use filing folders), I keep a traditional folder slid into the front of the drawer. Be sure you keep extra accessories (tags, hanging folders, label maker, color coded dots) in a nearby, accessible area so you can create a new folder quickly to avoid accumulating a "needs folder before file" pile.

Freshly organized in 2014
January 2016
Bathroom Cabinets: Take on this project if you'd like to streamline your mornings. Not only that but life is good when you don't have to constantly ask your spouse where the nail clippers are and they don't need to ask you about finding the bandaids. The stars of the show are the clear, stackable bins I bought from Office Depot. The bins make the space organized enough to be visually appealing or virtually uncluttered but organization within the bin is non-existent. What I'm saying is, a little organization can go a long way and not everything needs a space designated down to the square inch. Be realistic with your systems!

As you can see, my spaces aren't picture perfect or beautiful but they're functional. The landscape of the bathroom and filing cabinet systems haven't majorly changed within the past two years yet the systems still work. Organizing a space is only a piece of staying tidy. In preparation for an organized life, you spend a good amount of time sorting, throwing, tidying a space but the key is respecting the time you have taken to do so and continuing to utilize the system long after the initial purge. What this looks like: not putting something you don't have a place for in the junk drawer (create a home instead), filing your internet bill after opening the mail/payment, returning the fingernail clippers to their bin. Having a system in place lowers the barriers to staying organized which is something everyone can benefit from.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you tomorrow :)

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