Saturday, January 9, 2016

Create Your Own Perpetual Calendar

I've always been pretty good at remembering friend's (even acquaintances) birthdays. But as I get older it's hard to keep track as there are additions to family and friends and more anniversaries as well. I had seen some perpetual calendar designs from stationary companies but didn't find that they fit my aesthetic or layout. And I wasn't so thrilled about documenting important dates in a current planner that will be someday become obsolete. So, when I bought my simple black Gallery Leather planner (post and video coming soon) I picked up a few small black notebooks as well. Oh, I should mention I'm not really a digital sort of gal when it comes to this stuff or this post would be about iCal.

What you'll need:

  • Time for a mindless and time consuming task - I utilized a long car ride
  • Small notebook
  • Pencil with eraser - you will make mistakes or want to revise your wrting
  • Straight edge if you're particular about lines (you know who you are)
  • Pen (Optional)
1. Count the pages in your notebook.
Mine has 48. Divide by 12 months. I gave each month 4 pages front and back, which was sufficient.

2. Count the number of lines on a page.
Mine has 23. To be sure each date had an equal number of lines, I designated the first three lines for a monthly header. By design I titled the first page 'Perpetual Calendar' so that the numbering of months started on a left page. Make it work! [Tim Gunn voice]

3. Start numbering with pencil.
Time to summon your best penmanship. I did the whole book in pencil to be able to correct mistakes and be able to edit the list in the future.

4. Trace pencil with pen. I had planned to do this with only the monthly headers but haven't gotten around to it yet. Although, I will keep the birthdays and anniversaries in pencil for now.

How to use your perpetual calendar:

Here's to hoping that with a perpetual calendar I can be that thoughtful person who never forgets to send a card. As I mentioned earlier it's more and more difficult to remember all important dates and just making a perpetual calendar isn't enough. You gotta use it! At the beginning of each month, I transfer the birthdays from my perpetual calendar to the monthly spread of my planner. I find I have the most up to date information with this method. I carry my perpetual calendar in my bag and am sure to write down important birthdays and anniversaries as soon as I learn of them.

Thanks for reading :)


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