Sunday, January 24, 2016


Once again, I have a bit of a commute on my way to work (aka rotation #6). Since I'm caught up with my favorite podcast, The Lively Show, and wait for new shows to release on a weekly basis, I wanted a podcast I could 'binge' on to make the drive a little luxury. I am also far, far away from home and found myself feeling negative and lonely. I reminded myself how unsustainable this pessimism would be for another five weeks and set out to do everything I could in my power to evoke happiness in the present moment. This podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, fills my drive time and also prompts reminders of healthy habits and happiness. I've thought about how I should share this gem multiple times on my drive and sort of brushed it off but I get so excited about listening to this show every chance I can and believe it will intrigue some of you too!

Perhaps you've heard about Gretchen Rubin. Does The Happiness Project ring a bell? I have not read any of her books but have since added them to the list after enjoying the podcast so much. Gretchen has a younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, who is the show's other host. I quite like the banter between Gretchen and Elizabeth and find their voices easy and light to listen to. The shows are usually around 40 minutes and structured to include 'try this at home' challenges, stories shared between Gretchen and Elizabeth, as well as listener questions -- plus a few ads. Gretchen usually has time to school the listeners on personality tendencies that may shape the way we form habits, which I find helpful. As a type-A individual, I like putting a name or label to certain traits and find it fun to identify which category I fit into. This podcast keeps my mind busy and happy.

Give Happier a listen this week and let me know if you're enlightened!



  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I would love to. Coincidentally I just bought two books of hers, Better Than Before and its companion journal. They're about lifestyle change through making new habits. Really looking forward to reading these and now have the podcast to look forward to as well. :)

    1. What a coincidence! If you think of it, please check back after listening.

      Thanks for reading, Lisa!