Sunday, January 10, 2016


It's the 10th and final day of my self-imposed blogging challenge and I'm taking this 9th post to be real. 9/10 isn't bad right? That's like an A. Also, I'm sorry I didn't always have them posted on the correct day but let's get into it.

A few weeks ago, before the new year, I had been talking with my friend, Yuna, about the idea of un-resolutions. We both tend to over-extend ourselves, leaving us feeling exhausted. I liked the concept of an un-resolution and asked her to promise me she wouldn't let me take anything new on for 2016. She agreed. So far, I haven't taken on any new projects but what's the first thing I do? Create a difficult challenge for myself and wallow in guilt when I can't live up to it. This challenge has left me feeling like a failure. Em reminded me, I created this space for motivation, community, and passion. It is not not my job, duty or worth. I'm a 24-year old woman trying to learn my trade, pay the bills, and be an attentive, loving wife, family-member, and friend. I've got to remember to be gentle with myself.

As for what I'll do differently in the future if I decide to advertise a marathon of sorts is draft my posts in advance. This week I move out to CO to complete my community rotation. I'll allow blogging return to a hobby during that time and will post about my adventures and growth when feeling inspired. In the meantime, you can watch this week's vlog here to see how I filled my time when not blogging. Can that count as post #10? Great, I knew you'd understand :)

Don't forget to be gentle with yourself!

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