Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Gallery Leather Planner | Large Academic 2016

I'm finally getting around to show you my current planner and it's about time because this one has been "home" for about 6 months! Let me remind you this is unusual length of time for a "planner addict" to commit to one style. I picked up the Gallery Leather Large Academic Planner prior to rotations and expect it to suit my needs through 2016. The layout is monthly/weekly as you'll see in the photos below. If you're interested in the supplementary video I filmed about this planner, click here.

As far as design goes, the simpler the better. I get tired of patterns and colors easily so it's most logical for me to find a plain planner inside and out to allow for modifications when I have the enthusiasm. I also prefer a book bound style planner rather than a spiral. 

Year at a glance

I remember being really, really excited about this view when I first got the planner because I got to make a key for all of my rotations. Can't believe I am over half way finished with the year!

Monthly view
If I'm being honest, all I really need in a planner is a monthly view. I write recurrent and future events in this view and color coordinate with small dots using Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens. I write the actual event in pencil just in case there are changes.

Weekly view
I reserve the weekly view for daily and smaller tasks. I feel more comfortable using pens in this section since I can turn the page in a shorter amount of time. The lined page adjacent to the weekly spread is for lists of all different styles. I experiment with the layout of the lined page from time to time but usually revert back to bullet journal style boxed checklists.

Have you chosen your planner for 2016? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading :)



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