Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Solution to Work-Life Balance

I am (was?) one of those people who can't relax. There are not enough hours in the day and even if it means sacrificing family and friend time - I will get my to do list finished. That used to be my mentality, anyway, until I started to define what is important to me. You see, pharmacy is a large part of my life, but above that are family, friends and the memories we create. Slowly, during my professional program, I have become more lax after I reassessing the value of straight A's vs. experience and life. As a pharmacy student, wife, dog-mom, volunteer, friend and daughter I often found I was pressed for time. Which has lead me to my philosophy: 

work when you wish, play if you please

I have come to realize the appropriateness of postponing studying to enjoy the beautiful weather and frolf with my husband but, also recognize when I am in a mood to push through a project and focus. You know, the days when you can't even compared to the days you can. When able, don't let the two intercede. For example, I don't feel guilty when relaxing and I don't enable relaxing (social media) while working. It's possible to feel guilty while relaxing or watch YouTube while reading but it's inefficient. What's better is enjoying and focusing on the task at hand, be it work or play. It takes time to implement, but if you can discern what is important in the moment, you may be on the way to a more fulfilling life. Of course, there are times when a deadline is imminent and the responsible thing to do would be finish that assignment even though a new season of your favorite show is calling your name. For the most part, I have become comfortable with differentiating between what can wait or what deserves attention and can concentrate my effort on whatever I am doing. 

Hope this was helpful to some of you who have asked about my time management. I haven't quite found the golden ticket but have created a logic that works for me. Here's to a productive and well-lived duration of the week :)

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