Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year New Specs

What's so exciting about the new year you ask? When insurance resets! Which, for me, means a covered annual eye exam and frame allowance! Being an adult is so exciting. I'm happy to write this post because I've been asked on many occasions where I find my glasses and want to share this gem. 

I had heard of this website a few years ago. A co-worker was telling me she ordered her glasses online for a low price and gave me the name, Zenni Optical. I thought, why not? and ordered a pair. I lucked out with this site and have since ordered 3 more pairs of glasses. Granted, I have minimal visual impairment compared to some and the site does charge extra for bifocal lenses. Oh, here's tip: you MUST know your pupillary distance for an accurate fit so be sure to ask your eye doctor to write it on the prescription. Each order has taken ~5 days to process and showed up relatively quickly for what I assumed would be a long wait considering the price. I haven't returned any pairs because I felt confident before ordering and the fit was right. The site has a 'try on' view, where you upload a photo and visualize how the glasses fit on your face. Prices start as low as $6.95 and upgrades or add-ons are optional with an additional cost.

The first pair I ordered (no longer available).
Second pair // Half rim
My greenies. My university's colors are gold and green so I get a lot of comments about these! I can't find the exact model but this pair and this pair are similar.

I finally ordered my current pair because although the greenies got many compliments, I wanted a more substantial, professional pair for rotations. They are my most expensive pair from this site but feel the same as my $200 frames from an in-house vision company.
If you're not ready to get your everyday glasses from this vendor, I get it. But, consider trying a funky style for the price! Have you purchased glasses online?

•My cat eye frames aren't actually from this website (thanks mom!) but I selected similar zenni pair to check out.
•• Unsponsored post - I just actually love this site!

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