Sunday, February 7, 2016

WIR 5 (2016)

Hi! I'm back with an update! Feeling very inspired to get 'back in the game' and so glad your'e sticking with me and continuing to read!


Currently reading: Rediscovering Jesus - somehow, I've been able to stick with the increments of reading mapped out in this devotional. I have been working four ten-hour shifts per week and have trouble keeping my eyes open to read at night. This book gives me the daily dose of Jesus I need and it's manageable. My friend gifted this book to me and is doing the same challenge so having that accountability partner has helped as well.

Of course, I've still been listening to the Happier podcast as part of my goal to infuse happiness into everything I do in 2016.


I've gotten back into the habit of writing in my planner which feels great. Here's a secret: I've been daydreaming of post-graduation planners but sticking with my Gallery Leather for now. 

Somehow I came across the Sorted skin for gmail and got a code to test the beta version. I can be a visual person so I'm really excited about this reorganization of the inbox. I honestly  have difficultly navigating Gmail and don't feel it's intuitive. So, I'm excited to see how Sortd changes the game! P.S. I have an invite code if any of you are interested. 


I've been all about comfort the past few weeks since I'm up in the mountains. I picked up this ivory Free People sweater (more like blanket shaped as a sweater) and have been wearing it nonstop at home. Trust me, it's worth it.


This rotation has been great! I can always build on my clinical knowledge but I am really trying to observe the strategies pharmacists use to interact with patients under certain circumstances. Due to a snowstorm we had up in the mountains, I used two personal days early in the week for rest, relaxation, and reading.

This & That

It dawned on me that this is my last semester to enjoy living as a college student with little responsibility. Although I enjoyed laying low inside during the storm, I crawled out of my bed over the weekend to paint a souvenir and try snowshoeing.

In other news, I am still obsessed with pizza. I ate it five times this week.

Talk to you soon!


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