I’m a resilient woman.

A unique mix of whimsical, practical, inspired, organized, joyful, and confident. That’s on my best days. And it just so happens that because of my solid mindfulness practice, I have the best days, more often than not.


If you’re a labels sort of person you can call me: wife, mother (the one that cracked me wide open, literally & figuratively), dog mom, recovering type-A, Pharm D, and of course mindset maven.


I left the pharmacy industry because I was called to serve the profession in another way.

I’ve been called to serve the pharmacists.

Although I believe in the power of medicine, I believe even more in the power of our minds. I believe each person has the ability to heal, grow, and shine if they pay attention to their emotions as well as apply practical & spiritual mindset principles to their lives.

Feeling better is my hobby turned calling. I’m on this earth to help others connect to themselves and encourage them to create from that place. Sincerity brings clarity. Once you have identified your truth, remembering it becomes a practice. The practice leads to feeling better, more often. When you pay attention to feeling better, more often, mindfulness becomes a lifestyle and balance is restored.

If you catch a vibe with me, I’d be happy to connect with you. My purpose is to support and guide you.

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