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MINDSET Coaching

You're at a crossroad.

You're ready to admit the path you've taken wasn't fully for yourself. You've become accustom to living for and pleasing others. You're ready to feel free and be free of influence, doubt, and fear. Perhaps you think you're stuck - too far down the road to turn around. Here's a sign:

An Authentic Life - Next Exit

What if you could organize your mind? Do you desire to speak the powerful truth of your deepest desires in a safe, supported space?

Self-improvement is my hobby. My calling to help others with finding their authenticity and self-expression is literally written in the stars.

Astrology lesson: my Chiron (deepest wound) is in Leo and expresses need for validation, attention and approval. Through years of mindfulness work, I have found ways to give attention to and validate myself and can help empower you to do the same.


Working with me may resonate with you if:

  • you want to look inward for joy, not outward for approval
  • you want to know yourself and follow your intuition
  • you believe in the Law of Attraction
  • you're a type-A, perfectionist, people-pleasing personality
  • you're ready to tidy your mind

Spark Package

One-on-one coaching designed for a woman seeking clarity on a specific situation. This one-hour call is intuitively focused for fine-tuning decision making. Receive guidance with manifesting your true desires.


Shine Package

One-on-one coaching designed for a woman who is committed to an authentic life. She's ready to tune into her vibrational alignment and live her vision every day. Receive guidance with uncovering barriers and finding yourself in a safe space.

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Feature Specifics

Background and Bliss Call

This call holds space for connection between coach and client. Time is spent understanding the motivation and focus behind the process.

Energetic Mapping + Meditation

A personal energetic mapping featuring information received by the coach as well as a personalized mediation will be provided.

Single Card Reading Vs. In-Depth Oracle Reading

Single Card Reading + Crystal Pairing is a standard Tidy Tor offering. Tori taps into the clients energy and specific situation to pull an oracle card for direction. She uses a feminine, love-infused deck inspired by Rumi. She pairs the energy of the reading with an appropriate crystal to amplify the process.

An in-depth reading is an intuitive, six-card spread from the loving Rumi Oracle deck. Tori performs the same ritual as single-card and deepens the exploration.

Lucidity Calls

Gain deeper insight of yourself and situations in order to apply actionable items.

Tidy Happy Mail

Receive a curated package of pleasures to assist with your healing journey.

Email Chat Support

In effort to cover your situation in it's entirety, email correspondence is provided and recommended for accountability and additional information sharing.

***Shine Package Participants also receive discounts on workshop prices!