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Ready to learn what they didn’t teach you in school?

Are you willing to do the heart-work in order to find peace and feel better ?

The time is now for self-love.

The benefits of balance will ripple beyond you. They’ll reach your partner, your family, your patients, your friends and beyond.

Working with me may resonate with you if:

  • you want to look inward for joy, not outward for approval

  • you desire to know yourself and follow your intuition

  • you (want to) believe in the Law of Attraction

  • you're a (recovering) type-A, perfectionist, people-pleasing personality

  • you're ready to tidy your mind & organize your life

I have witnessed the growth of my own being & many others when love outshines fear.

I’ve experienced the relief that comes with continually acknowledging anxieties & finding the courage to release them.

I know we all have the potential to do the heart work and feel better. That’s why I create content for you and hold the space to support your transformation.

If you’re ready to thrive, view my signature offerings below.

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Not sure which offering to start with?

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