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Hi! I'm Tori. A pharmacist turned mindset consultant. You already know — pharmacists are one of the most trusted professionals. They’re honest, resourceful, and supportive.

In my experience, they’re also


They give all their compassion, patience, and energy to their patients and profession but are frustrated to realize they depleted the reserve of compassion, patience & energy for themselves.

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The days you don’t take a lunch (or bathroom break).

The days a doctor undermines your expertise.

They days you’re not confident in your abilities.

The days a patient breaks down in frustration.

The days you stay way later than you should.

The days you can’t understand why you chose this path.

The days you need support, love and guidance.

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The pharmacists I’ve talked to struggle to succeed with work-life balance. The demands of their career overshadow the reason they fell in love with the profession in the first place. Too often, they experience burn out. Work begins to feel like a sacrifice — not a calling.

That’s my story, anyway. In pharmacy school, I learned how to deliver patient-centered care, the habit of overcommitment, to be professional to a fault, and to value external approval.

So, when I got to the real world I was really good at delivering patient-centered care, overcommitting my time and energy, hiding my authentic self for fear of disapproval, and waiting for external approval.

It got pretty dark. I cried after work. I doubted my worth. I spent hours rehashing the days events with my spouse. I felt isolated & anxious. On the regular.

Then, things changed. I changed…

I reached a breaking point. I was willing to listen to anything and talk to anyone that could bring me some relief. I spoke with coaches & advisors, listened to spiritual podcasts & dove straight into the heart-work.

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I got to know myself & became aware of my thoughts. The thoughts you choose create your feelings. What you feel gets reflected back to you. Really — it’s the Law of Attraction. As I began to know myself, I started to show myself.

Slowly, I learned to speak my truth, ask for what I want, and create healthy boundaries. I gained confidence as the universe rewarded me for showing more of myself. I found clarity, joy, and peace again. Anytime I lost that feeling, I returned to self-love and restored the balance.

If your story sounds like my “before” there’s great hope for your “after”. Actually, if you commit to strengthening your mindset and building a foundation of self-love, you will restore work-life balance. Or work-life fluidity as I like to call it.

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I would love to guide you, support you & hold you accountable. It’s my expertise! I’m the “pharmacist” for pharmacists. It’s become my mission to help passionate professionals restore work-life balance so they can continue to serve from a place of love.

I’m here to fill the gap between knowing pharmacy and thriving as a pharmacist. Can’t wait to connect!