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Feel Connected

Connect to your highest self, your partner, your community, and your world. Once you learn to download pure desire from your intuition and trust it enough to follow it, you'll have a feeling of knowing and peace you didn't recognize before.

Commit to Mindfulness

Apply your high-achieving tendencies to your own life. Become comfortable with simply being as an achievement. Start practicing the skills required to experience mindfulness as a lifestyle. Work the program at your own pace, cycle through the content as many times as you need. Be the brightest you!

Upgrade Your Life

Pursue your passions. Have the confidence to DO what you came to this earth to DO. Ask, believe, receive, repeat!

Reclaim Your Freedom

Worry LESS! Release judgements from yourself and others. Correct negative thought patterns before they evolve into your actions. Take responsibility for your emotions. Tidy your mind!

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Course Chapters

1 • CLARITY • Lighten Your Mental Load

2 • REFLECTION • Audit Your Thought Patterns

3 • AUTHENTICITY• Free to Be

4 • BELIEF • Trust in Your Creative, Sexual, Primal Feminine Energy

5 • SURRENDER • Give It Up

6 • JOY • Feel Bright and Blissful

7 • STILLNESS • Shh! Glow Up In Progress

8 • ABUNDANCE • Get It How You Live


• Making Decisions with Confidence & Working with Citrine Mini Workshop

• Masculine & Feminine Energies • Why They're Important & How to Balance

• FLY High Workshop • Elevating Your Self-Care Routine to Self-Love Flow

• Access to the private Facebook community -- Golden Girls!

When I started my mindfulness journey I was frustrated by anxiety & procrastination but wasn’t sure where to start.

To my surprise, I actually gained some momentum with my medley of spiritual methods. At the beginning of my mindfulness journey, I thought meditating was just being still and suppressing my thoughts. That was an okay start. I was proud to keep my body like stone for 13 whole minutes. I googled Kundalini Mudras and tried tapping. I bought a few crystals - tiger's eye and unakite.

My husband and I were trying to conceive during this time. I was adamant about staying off of my anxiety medication. Although I was making progress, when I recognized the magnificent support my husband brought me, I felt slightly disappointed and embarrassed that I couldn’t provide the support for myself.

It was at that time I made the conscious decision to REALLY better my SELF. The one thing I was in charge of in this life. I didn’t want to feel stuck any more. Up until this point, I hadn’t really taken responsibility for my own emotions.

I started paying attention. To myself. That’s a theme… I’ve lived the last four years becoming detail oriented about my mind. From tantrums to tantra, I worked my way through limits I had learned. It became my passion, my dedication was to “feel better”. Feeling better isn’t always feeling “good” but, better is better. I developed the understanding of cycles on a macro and micro scale. I came to know my body and my mind. And from that knowing, arose my 8 essential mindset principles, Light Lessons. And from Light Lessons, came the immersive mindset experience, Illuminate.

You, too, can feel confident, sexy, blissful, beautiful, whole, and light all at the same time. Any time. Learn the exact principles I came to know as I pioneered an authentic life. Become the brightest you, and illuminate.

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“I have followed Tori's ascent from #organizationgoals pharmacy student to busy, working professional to truly enlightened mindfulness teacher. The latter has been most inspiring to watch her help myself and others find and live their best life.

The past several months have been stressed by negative thought patterns, self-doubt, and an overall monotonous lifestyle. I was in need of some help and healing. So when she offered the "Illuminate" course, it was just what the universe ordered! I wanted to work out my problems internally but I didn't know where/how to start. I was so excited that this course!) presented itself to me and that it was a self-study course (my inner student was so happy.

The course is split into 8 chapters that will help you find the "brightest version of you". Tori has created beautiful PDFs to supplement the course videos, which I think will also be great in the future for re-working any of the chapters that I feel I need some re-evaluation. My favorite tool is probably the meditations, I find Tori has such a calming voice I found myself listening just before work to start the day off right! Every few days I come back to my notes or remember highlights from the course that bring me back to those good feelings. My attitude has never been better!

If you have been thinking about "glowing up" and loving your life again, let Tori's "Illuminate" course be your guide!”

— Renee