Tidy Offerings

Select the offer that resonates most with you. There are a range of opportunities to enhance your mindset. Try something casual like an oracle reading, inspirative like a workshop, or invest in yourself by choosing an on-going package.

Oracle Reading Offering (1).png



Intended for women seeking clarity from their intuition. Recommended during new and full moon energy shifts.

Using her beloved Rumi deck, Tori intuitively pulls a card for the client. She first grounds herself, then taps into unspoken client energy and also incorporates any shared information. Crystal healing is integrated by selecting a stone to match the energy of the reading message.

Reading sent by email.


mindset immersion,


Become the brightest version of you!

Immerse yourself in light while mastering mindset principles at your own pace. If you’re ready to commit to mindfulness as a lifestyle, look no further! This course is for women who love themselves enough to practice and live a life that feels consistently good.

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Virtual group

workshop, $39

Registration is currently closed.

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Co-create with amazing women while you establish a reliable self-care routine. 

Intimate, group mindfulness workshop curated for:

People pleasers • focus on you!

Perfectionists • there’s no right way + you’ll always have pauses in practice!

High achievers • go the extra mile for yourself!

A self-love routine is preventive care. Be a part of the revolution, fall in love with yourself!

Shine Offering (2).png

next level one-on-

one, $397*

Personalized, six week intensive designed for a woman who is committed to an authentic life. She's ready to tune into her vibrational alignment and live her vision every day. Receive guidance with uncovering barriers and finding yourself in a safe space.

  • One 60-minute Background + Bliss call with an energetic mapping and meditation

  • Five 60-minute Lucidity Calls

  • In-depth Rumi Oracle Reading

  • Tidy Happy Mail

  • Email chat support throughout intensive

Shine Package Participants also receive discounts on workshop prices!

*Payment plans available