Welcome to a page all about me!

I go by Tori a.k.a TidyTor. I am recently married to my complete opposite and LOVE of my life Nate a.k.a. Nathan Ray. We are obsessed with our chocolate lab mix, Twiggy a.k.a Diggy. Now that the introductions are out of the way we can get into what you can expect from reading this blog.

Mindfulness: I list mindfulness first because it impacts every other category. I am currently pursuing the art of mindfulness in my own life. A few influences on how I practice mindfulness include, the Bible (I am a Christian), Jess Lively (Living with Intention, The Lively Show), and meditation (journaling + yoga). As a type-A personality, I struggle with perfectionism and anxiety. The influences mentioned above are entities I continue to explore and apply to my life. As I learn what works for me, I will share on this blog in order to serve others.

Tidy: This wouldn’t be my blog without the 'tidy'. As my tagline goes: inspiration + organization. Even as I try to loosen the grip on rigid perfectionism, I recognize I function best when I prepare and keep my life and home organized. I will always have a planner (expect posts on that) and really can’t help myself when it comes to reorganizing a closet or drawer. Neat freaks, unite!

Style: Let me say right off the bat there’s no way I can compete with the ultra-chic, like Gal Meets Glam or Atlantic-Pacific (two of my favs). But, I genuinely enjoy fashion and styling. So, I will be sharing what I put together to wear for weekends as well as white coat wardrobe as a woman with limited funds and a 5’2” frame.

Career: I am a fourth-year student pharmacist looking forward to graduation in May 2016. As a fourth-year, I am completing my Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) which is basically an intern year. One of the reasons I started my YouTube channel was to share my experience and advice surrounding pharmacy school. To keep with tradition, I will continue to share triumphs and struggles here on the blog.

This & That: This section is the blog’s junk drawer. Not that I’ll be posting junk - but you know… This space is reserved for talking about my dog, my food, and actually - just about anything. 

As always, my hope is to open a dialogue and create a community to discuss whatever is holding my (your) attention. Feel free to request post topics, share your experiences, and contact me at tidytor@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!