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Do you feel trapped by overwhelm and anxiety?

Is your career starting to feel like a sacrifice?

Do you feel thrown into your position?

Are you lacking the confidence to speak your mind?

Do you feel, despite your efforts, that you can’t separate work from home?

Are you ready to put yourself first for the benefit of all?

Have you said to yourself, “I’d love to have a mentor”?

Are you ready to work with a coach who’s mastered her own mindset?

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I know from experience how showing up for yourself everyday will result in a quicker recovery time and more “good” days.

For me, it was a process of many years. I tried controlling my environment and others instead of managing my mind. I started and stopped anti-depressants. I played into victim mentality.

When I understood I held the key to my happiness, I mixed yoga, Jesus, self-help books and podcasts, crystal healing, exercise, affirmations, cannabis, journaling, and much more.

Eventually I found the balance that worked for me. I found ways to boost my pleasure and positivity every day. I found inspiration from within, and that’s what I’ll help you do, too.

If I can go from rigid type-A to fluid type-me, so can you.

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As your supportive guide, my mission is to hold you accountable to building a self-love foundation that will increase confidence, reveal your authenticity & bring harmony to your life.

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  • Six 40-minute calls

    • The first call includes an energetic mapping, the next sessions apply my essential principles to your unique situation, and the final call includes an oracle reading.

    • Summaries and assignments will be sent after each call so you can focus on being present in the session.

  • Unlimited email & IG support throughout the intensive

    • Check in when you’re feeling mis-aligned. I’ll also be reaching out periodically if I don’t hear from you.

  • Tidy Happy Mail

    • Receive a package that will uplift you & enhance our work together. A little magic, a little practical.

  • Custom Downloadable Meditation

    • Following the work we do around clarity, authenticity & belief, your meditation will be just the energy you desire to get in your zone.

  • Access to Illuminate Mindfulness eCourse & Golden Girls community

    • Women who pay in full will receive access to the videos, meditations & PDFs in my signature mindset self-study course for the duration of the program! Plus, lifetime access to a supportive, online community, Golden Girls!


Is this only for pharmacists?

No! If you answered yes to a majority of the first set of questions, this program will work for you. If your career requires empathy & compassion (lookin’ at you healthcare professionals and mamas) and you desire to find a balance, this program is for you.

Is a payment plan available?

Yes, you have the option of selecting your plan in the application.

How can you guarantee I find work-life balance?

This is a partnership. As your coach, I’m responsible for guiding, supporting, and holding you accountable as I’m able. I believe what I teach will provide you with the practical and spiritual tools to manage your mind beyond our time together. However, you are responsible for your own results.